so i was feeling really crap after the weekend and todays events unfolding at the solicitors (yes, more than one). and it was awful to have to say what i had to say to that person. i knew he’d be dissapointed, and i HATED being the one who disappointed him. HATED it. i just hope he knows how hard i am working on this, and that i wont let it beat me, no matter what.

so anyway, i felt the need to cheer myself up, and what better way than with a little retail therapy? (you hear me, right girls?) and being the FANTASTIC person i am, i decided what better way to spend some money than to spend it on him, and be helpful? i love buying gifts for people, and regularly give presents outside of normal gift-giving occasions. im actually rather good at it, usually, and this is one person i take particular pleasure in giving gifts to (for some unknown reason). lately though my gift-giving prowess has been less than exemplary with this man, and so i was really looking forward to getting back to being the legend i am.


and isnt there always a but where im concerned? and particularly when its to do with me AND him together? So im online, filling in fucking forms like crazy (as these online thing invariably need you to do before they will let you get anywhere) and it all comes to a crashing stop on BOTH attempted gifts when prompted for a Drivers licence number.

Stupid arsed things. why for a gift membership to NRMAs roadservice, and a god damn E-Tag account do i need his friggn license number? for gods sake, isnt the rego enough? what is this bullshit about “for privacy and security reasons…..”. Fuck off!
This reminds me of an incident where i rang up to get the eft payment details for a debt i owed the tax office (they screwed up my return one year and overpaid me, and then wanted it back) and was told that without my reference number from the top of the letter i got requesting the repayment, she couldnt give me the payment details as she didnt know it really was me. now, my response to this was:
1. if she didnt know it was me why is she talking to me about it at all?
2. if i HAD that fucking letter on me, i would have had the eft details already from the payment slip at the bottom
3. if anyone OTHER than me rings the ato wanting to pay the debt i owe them, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, give them the fucking details!!! I mean, if someone wants to pay my bill for me, who am i to stop them, right?
A similar event happened to a friend requesting payment details to make the final payment of his HECS debt, and he was of the same opinion, that he doesnt care if a stranger wants to pay his bill for him, go right ahead and let them.
So why then, does the NRMA and ROAM have to have the license number of this person when all they are concerned about are the details of the car? NRMAs policy for roadside assistance goes on the car, not the driver. My car is covered whoever drives it can ring up and wait 5 1/2 hours for a guy to show up and say “yep, shes fucked, call a towie”, but if i, with my license number, drive YOUR car and ring them, i will promptly be told to “fuck off”. Same with ROAM, if someone steals my car and drives down the M7 to canberra, do i still get charged the toll? YOU BETCHA! can you see them caring when i say “but he didnt have my drivers license!!”
*sigh* All i wanted was to pay them some money! but apparently they dont want it. not from me anyway. oh well. i guess he will just have to do these things for himself now wont he?
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One Comment on “frustration”

  1. Aurelius Says:

    In Finland, everyone’s income and tax details are publicly available.
    This would be an improvement to the Australian system.

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