Just Quickly

for all those who missed the group sms thingies the other night and are hearing things from other sources, YES. I did “admit” (really not the right word, makes it sound like im ashamed or something which i am NOT) to the fact that I am currently seeing someone. and that yes, that someone is the person everyone suspected.

So if you dont mind, can we all move on from discussing my love life now?

nevermind that i mention it here sometimes, and that you all comment on it. thats not the point. lol

ok fine. you want details? here are all the details your going to get, ready?

he’s a nice guy, he’s fun, we get along well, he makes me laugh, he has his own life, doesnt live out of my pocket, a good friend, able to be trusted, and, fuck, i just like him ok? and he likes me. who cares why? obviously he isnt a dickhead or else I wouldnt be interested, right?

UPDATE: yes MrB, thanks for pointing that out. No i didnt omit it for a reason, and if your going to force me to come back here and edit the post so that its here in black and white for all to giggle at, then here you go – enjoy it.


and if i can ask my own question as to the point of making me say that, it would be “why would I be seeing someone I didnt think was attractive?”

MrB your a fool sometimes, but i lubs ya.

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