peace offering

so the one thing ive been complaining about to people that they seem to have bothered to listen to is the fact that my washing machine is dead.

lately it has been pissing water all over the floor and needing to be told 50 times per load that “yes i really DO want you to spin the clothes dry if you dont mind too very much” and basically being a bitch. it has also gotten into its head that it would be a great idea to make all my clothes and stuff smell. and not a nice smell either. THAT is the one part i have really been grumpy about. the smell. because we all know how i like to smell pretty and spend literally hundreds of dollars a month sometimes on buying new perfumes etc. and who’s ever gone shopping with me can and will readily tell you of how they’ve seen me spend upwards of 10 minutes chosing the right combination of washing powder and fabric softener?

so anyway, back to the point. so it seems my incessant grumbling to certain people (who i just happen to be pissed off with right now) hasnt gone unnoticed. they have just turned up on my doorstep half an hour ago or so and said they have a peace offering for me. a kind of “please accept this gift that shows i listen to you and am trying to be good to you and show you that i care and that you matter and can i be out of trouble now please?” present.

now i appreciate it, i do. i appreciate the time, effort, though and expense that they have gone to (even in coming round to arrange a delivery time as i was both online and on the fone). but i cant help wondering if its because of last night and this mornings events. and i cant, and WONT be bought.

even with a brand new washing machine that does what its told, cleans your clothes, doesnt eat your socks, rip your underwire out of your bras, and make you smell like a dead dog. even if its a bit bigger than what im used to. sorry whats that? its alot bigger? how much bigger? yes size matters, now how big are we talking? WOW. thats big. what was it i was saying………….. oh yes that will fit. ill have to move a few things but it will fit. oh no, its no bother, really. i didnt need all that stuff in there anyway…………. trouble? huh? angry with you? was i? i dont seem to remember that………………..

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