weird conversations

how weird can conversations get? VERY

today was full of them

from the origins of st patricks day, to whether Nthrn Ireland was a country, to whether Sth Africans can say the word ‘black” without it coming out as “bleck”, to whether a pretty pattern on the top of your coffee is enough to get the establishment a “good coffee place” rating or not, to what its like for girls to pick up girls, to when a threesome is ok or not, and how which way round the threesome is affects the previous answer, to whether kids swearing is acceptable or not, to whether Saddam is a good leader, to whether i should tell people if im spoken for or not – and why – and how that would change things.

my points of view?
who cares – its just alot of guiness at the end of the day
yes, but it takes alot of effort. and actually, in some places they just dont say it at all, even if it IS the colour their car is
definately not
3 is a complicated number – thats why its MY number isnt it?
not able to be put here succinctly so i wont even try
and finally, in colour so you cant say you didnt notice it, and here so you can all stop discussing it………
thats up to me. i dont have to. IF – read it again – IF i am with someone, then i would know it, he would know it, we would know how that affects the other person, and what is expected, and IF im with someone I would trust them to respect me and my expectations, as I would theirs. so other people knowing doesnt matter. IF im with him, not saying so doesnt mean im ashamed or want to hide it, and if im not with him, not saying so doesnt mean I wish I was and just dont want to admit to unrequited feelings. And if i was or wasnt, the only people that would affect would be he and I.

so i ask YOU –

how is it your business? why does it matter to you? and would you mind if i lived my life myself WITHOUT sharing every little bit with everyone else?

whatever your answer – keep it to yourself. I DONT CARE AND WASNT ASKING YOUR PERMISSION. those questions were retorical. and if you dont know what that means, find a dictionary.

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