tunes – i love them

so everyone knows i love my tunes. if any of the real-world friends are tired of their cd collections, they all know where to turn – RIGHT HERE.

with umpteen hours of music ranging through almost every genre, you can guarantee that honey can hook you up with something new. all those who msn and aim me regularly get annoyed with the sluggishness of my responses due to downloading new tracks.

and when i say every genre i mean it. tell me an artist you like. im pretty sure i would have something of theirs on file. its SCARY sometimes. from mozart to metallica and all in between (as well as some who are outside that arc). and yes, feel free to challenge me on that!

so it came as a surprise to someone today (and an even bigger one to me) when they asked me what artists i was into at the moment, and it was the same response i gave them 2 weeks ago, and hadnt changed much from over a month ago. I quickly checked the cd player in the car – yep, same cd in there as last week. Ok, so i have swapped it out a few times, but its gone straight back in after only a short break each time.

so im thinking i may have to keep an eye on this phenomenon. (no muppet singing please)

wouldnt want to get stuck in a musical rut now would i?

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