is that STILL going on?

no im not stupid. the title was SARCASTIC people. but if your interested, i found this rather interesting.

Of course you have to allow for the american-ness and personal interest (hello – parent – he’s allowed!)

Still, it remains interesting all the same.

I cringe each time i see a “fun fact”. Having military ties in my family (no, im not elaborating beyond that) as well as a few friends both in reserves and active duty (more than 1 has seen time in Iraq and 1 is still there now) I understand the idea behind this mentality and can turn a blind eye. Just dont let me catch any civvies using it!

And for the ‘real world’ friends reading this, consider this another kick up the arse from me for all of you to take 5 minutes and email ********* who is there now. Remind him why he’s there, and whats back here, and that you havent forgotten him. He is there for a reason. Dont let him think we’ve forgotten.

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