going well so far

so yes, the universe conspired against me.

and no, im not letting it win.

so my initial plans were thwarted by the time lords, but i have decided that i will simply postpone them, not cancel. and i still had some time to put my new philosophy into action. and you know what? I WON. just for once, I WON. Me!! Can you believe it?

actually, it went really well. he tried to bet me $50 that id argue with him before i left to go home. he quickly changed his mind and wanted to cancel. actually it was fun. and he scored some big bonus points too. actually, it wasnt fun, it was ALOT of fun, and relieving to know that its still possible. it was really good to joke around like we used to, i spent ages giggling. we even had a pretty good conversation, and on top of all of that, had a good discussion about some important issues between us, and i think that helped. alot. with him at least. he seems to think that my explinations on a few points of one topic in particular have made him realise a few things and has helped. mind you, one of the things he explained really hurt me, but at least i understand his side a bit more now i guess. im just trying to be positive about it, not negative.

theres still alot there. alot of things need sorting. there are so many differences in how we think, which is good, dont get me wrong. I love differences, its just that they take some getting used to, and i need to stop and think about how he means what he says, because how he says it makes me think something ENTIRELY different, and sometimes that can be an extreemly bad thing.

its all just part of getting to know people. and honestly, i know we are meant to know each other. just look at how its all come about, and whats there, even after all thats happened.

some people are just meant to come into your life. quite a while ago now i thought i knew why he did. recently i started to doubt that in a way. today i had that reaffirmed in a big way.

and its nice. both that he and i are what i thought, and that i was right to have faith in what i have faith in.

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