Well DUH!!!!!!!

thankyou to all those who were literate and observant enough to notice my last post was repeated half a dozen times. And who decided they needed to comment on that despite the fact that others already had.

for some reason my pooter had a mental fit, as pooters are prone to do, and didnt do anything when i clicked “publish” so i clicked it again. and again.

round of applause in advance to all those who will now say that i didnt put in enough “and again”s

All I can say is, duh!!!! obviously something happened out of the ordinary and i fucked up. Now its fixed. get over it.

maybe it just went to show how fired up that fucking thing got me, especially seeing the reaction it got from so many of you on the phone that night, and the next day.

Heres an idea for all those who felt it was somehow their place to issue demands about that post……..


you know who you are and what you did. and yes i did mean to say it 3 times.

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