google. its funny.

So being slightly bored, I took up a suggestion made to me today by someone I just met, and therefore, talked about really weird crap with. The subject of South Africa came up, and hometowns etc. He was completely in the dark about basically the whole country, had at least heard of Joburg but that was it – didnt even realise that it was the capital, and even needed to be reminded that there were – wait for it – WHITE South Africans!!!! Oh shock of shocks! Never heard of apartheid then i gues……..

So he said in passing that he could always google some of the towns (cities in some cases) that i mentioned, and see if there where any pictures. Hmmmmmm. Henseforth my boredom induced google search for sites on Nelspruitt with pictures.

A whole TWO sites! Lets count again, shall we? TWO!!. And one of those (below) was actually on Maputo in Mozambique. (its this whole other country, as Forrest Gump has been heard to utter) So herein lies a sort of geography/heritage/curiosity/simple general knowledge sort of lesson.

Lets start with the first site. Maputo is at the very bottom of Mozambique, almost on the border of SA. The site (for those too lazy to read the link) is a sort of “Travel Guide” by an Earle Greene(Earle lived in Maputo from 2000 to 2002.) and is entitled (scarily enough) “Real Answers to Real Questions”. Aparently this is what people really want to know when moving to a foreign country.

Fast food available and price of a Big Mac Meal (or similar)? There are no American fast-food chains, but there are a few South African ones (Nando’s Chicken, Steer’s, Pizza Inn). Steer’s is South Africa’s answer to McDonald’s and serves some of the worst hamburgers in the world, in my opinion. Nando’s is pretty good. Pizza Inn is not bad, either, but some of the locally run Italian restaurants serve better pizza. If you have a craving for a Big Mac, just a 2 1/2 hour drive from Maputo is Nelspruitt, South Africa, and Riverside Mall, where you can find the cheapest McDonald’s in the world.

Thank god. They have Macca’s. And its only a 2 1/2 hr drive. But wait! Theres more!! Its cheap! (PLEASE, just dont tell me whats in those burgers…..)

And so we move to number 2…….
And oh yes, arent I happy with this!! Its sent me to another search engine!
Now do i take it as a compliment that a town of over 25,000 people needs a whole other search engine to contain all the facinating links to the local area? (previous link notwithstanding) Or do I get a bit pissed that somewhere so interesting is so completely ignored by google?

And why, seeing as the search criteris asked for pictures, am i yet to find any? All this in the persuit of seeing this one place represented in a worldwide forum. Because lets face it, out here, if it isnt the cricket (HA HA HA how good was that?), Nelson Mandela, apartheid or AIDS, where do you see something on South Africa? Lets try something apart from the latest celebrity walking around acting all selfrighteous campaigning for worldvision or whathaveyou (yes im cynical, these people visit poverty and go back to their 300 thread count sheets and cavier for breakfast etc thinking they deserve some sort of medal for ‘doing their part’ – try donating your next lot of royalties from your latest blockbuster). Or Safari Adventure Holiday with obligatory elephant, lion, zebra and girraffe shots.

Its this whole other country people! And its only just the other side of the beach at perth (yes im counting a few thousand kms as “just”)

Heres a question to ask yourself – how much more than what i said above do YOU know about South Africa? And not the whole continent, just that one country.

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