dont know if ive told u before about my weird dreams – that somes i have the same dream over & over during the and it always comes true (honey the prophet). these are usually not just dreams and i have learnt over the years to tell the people involved, knowing that yes i come across as insane, but also assuage my guilt in the event of the dream turning into reality

so last night i had one with DH in it. he was standing outside a house (im assuming he was at work) and talking to a guy. a guy in a bright red shirt. this guy had bad aura like nothing else. everything screemed at me “BEWARE”. i just couldnt shake the fact that he had an ulterior motive – that he was saying to DH wasnt true – he was manipulating him to get he wanted, and in doing so was seriously fucking up MY DH. (protective mother hen emerges again)

so this morning i rang him. was like 7.30 or something. it took DH a while to get back to me – 9.00 it was. so i told him about my dream and warned him to be careful. im sure he thinks its crazy(i dreamt once before that he was hurt at work and yelled at him to be careful – nothing happened and im sure he thought i was silly – never mind that maybe he was fine BECAUSE i warned him).

so i told him anyway. 9.30-9.45 rolls around and weve been chatting the whole drive to work. He rolls up – and theres a guy standing there with his boys in a red hat & bright red shirt.

im thinking now he thinks im not the nutcase he first assumed.

either that or i am – and an even freakier one than he first thought

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