slack arses

slack arses annoy me. its one of my pet hates. you know who yours are. every group has some. sometimes its everyone. sometimes its you.

At the moment the slack arse has definately been me.

and i apologise. my posts have been erratic and not exactly informative lately. its all because of me being a slack arse.

no seriously. i have so many things going on (like normal, i know) but they are all halfway completed. they all depend on something else. and its been driving me CRAZY. i hate waiting. i hate waiting on people, and on things, and everything about waiting. i hate it when people are late. i hate it when people cant give you an answer straight away. i hate having to defer to things. i hate not being able to make a decision because you are waiting on some vital piece of information. most of all i hate waiting for people to call. close second comes waiting for people to turn up. after that comes faxes. i could keep going on this list for weeks. its all organised in my head. (no waiting). this shows either how much i hate waiting, or how much of a slack arse i have been lately to have actually found the time to devote valuable thought time to ordering my hatred of different types of waiting.

So i appear to be a slack arse due to waiting. which pisses me off. and makes me feel dejected. which makes me put things off, to do when the waiting is over and they can be done together, essentially to save time. which is the exact opposite of what ends up happening. because the fact that i have to wait, and can put non-waiting items off to do with the waiting items, means i do nothing.

but be a slack arse

which probably inspires other people to blog on the slack arses in their circle that are pissing them off………..

hmmmmmm, i might have to keep an eye out for that

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