its 12.13pm
its monday
im at home
and ive only just gotten out of the shower and gotten dressed.

most people would think that this was the beginning of my day. most people would be wrong. Ive just finished a fone call where i was asked “what have you been doing today?” to which i responded “oh nothing”.

why is it that we do that? why bother asking a question if you dont want to hear the answer?
and why bother answeing the question if your just going to be ignored, or give a false answer?

I posed this question to my caller. He seemed to agree, and actually said he wished id answer it properly. So i did. and you know what? he was glad i did. he actually found my boring mundane activities interesting. he found it an interesting insight into my life that he normally isnt privy to.

So im going to try that with some other people and see how that works. Ill let you know the outcome of my experiment.

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