im still here

ok so its turning into a weekly blog instead of daily lately but hey – its xmas and new year! cut a girl some slack!
so where was i up to?
Thursday 29th – cant remember now
Friday 30th – did a bit of running around. spent hours on the fone to MIN. had DH round. then had a weird night. waaaaayyyyy too many beers. but then, when isnt there?
Saturday 31st – drove to ILGs. Did the nye thing. PF came out YAY!!
Sunday 1st – continued the nye thing. got massive bruise. No idea how. Drove back and spent the night at KWD. took PF with me. very tired. lol. Spent arvo and night worrying about relos at umina with the fire – turned out ok.
Monday 2nd – PF having fun. had to change schedule but oh well.
Tuesday 3rd – strange day. even stranger night. boys came for dinner with PF, then took him to the pub. BL came round. had DH on fone. VERY WEIRD CONVERSATION between the 3 of us.
Wednesday 4th – Spent the day at home cleaning and doing those boring things. Was chatting online alot. Specially with DH and BL about that fone call. sigh. more strange things. and not all good either.
not really in the mood to spill any more today. see how i feel tomoz

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