that whole christmas thing

Friday 23rd. strange day.spent alot of time on email tag with RE. in a tizzy over someone who was playing.
Sat 24th. Xmas Eve. God you just have to hate xmas dont you? Spent the day at mums, and went out in the arvo to sort this thing with FGR seeing as how it was xmas and all. Now whos playing games? And how is that a game where anyone could win? And so im supposed to take it as a compliment? Get Fucked. Then after all the worry, ended up having to stay up till bloody 3.47am wrapping presents and running around the house in a red suit. Only to be woken at 5.48 by an excited little boy. God love em!
Sun 25th. Xmas Day. So the parents & sisters came round to see what bugalugs got from santa, and the girls took him out the front to draw all over the driveway and the street with his big chalk. Mum & Dad took him home for breakfast. So i went back to bed. Went to pick him up, came home and wrapped presents again. Headed out to the family things. Got home late.
Mon 26th Boxing Day. The Boys. Was good. Was the usual. Spent a while online and then left the boys to chat with Peit. They found DH online didnt they. Wasnt that fun to find out about afterwards. Not.
Tuesday 27th. Spent whole day recovering. Dealing with repercussions from the night before.
Wed 28th. Kept Bugalugs home an extra day and spent it at KWD. Had someone suddenly sit there and say a pile of stuff that isnt usually talked about. Really threw me. Especially after recent discussions and my feelings about certain things between us. Not sure what to think there. Its weird.
So theres the Xmas Wrap up from me. Thank God its a whole year until it happens again. On another note, i had AA turn up last night and add to her previous attempts at repairs. Seems to have worked wonders. Feel much better in myself, more like myself, am finding my strength again and feel a new sense of calm over the recent reopening of old wounds.

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2 Comments on “that whole christmas thing”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You don’t like what you did but you still did it.

  2. huniii Says:

    Id really like to know what your talking about. what is it that i did that i didnt like?
    What am i being told off for now?

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