When is a compliment not a compliment? When as soon as its said its diminished by another comment.

Now Everyone likes compliments whether they admit it or not. Some poeple are good at giving them, some arent. Some people give them often, some dont. Some people are good at taking them, some arent. Some people get them often, some dont. Some think theyre important, some dont.

The thing is, you never quite know how you or other people fit into these categories. And they dont always fit into the same category on both sides. I think there should be a compliment school. To teach how to give, and to recieve.

A well timed, well delivered, and well worded compliment is worth more than gold. It can instantly change somebodies opinion of you. It can guarantee you get whatever you want. It can give the reciever the boost they needed to be everything they can be for you.

In the past few days, 2 people have paid me compliments. One followed it with a smart arsed comment. One followed it with actions that spoke of its truth. My reaction to these people has been similar to the compliments they bestowed. The first has missed out on things he would have loved. The other received something from me he had wanted for a long long time.

It just goes to show, doesnt it.

And by the way, as for me, I think i give compliments well and often. As for receiving them, well, lets just say that when they open that school, I’ll have my tuition fees ready…….

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