hows that song go again?

Lately there have been a number of songs that have been released that have spoken of where i am in my life. Of whats going on with me at that particular time.Its kinda like that previous post about ads on tv. Now i know im different in my views on religion, spirituality and all things divine(how could i be anything but different considering the hand i was dealt in that department), and im not being one of those freaks who believes in getting signs from the cosmos and all that crap. Im just saying that I think your subconciousness (on whatever level, spiritual or otherwise) at times reaches out to your conciousness. I dont think their signs put there by a higher power just for me to notice and take meaning from, but i do think that theres a reason why i notice certain things at certain times. And im starting to wonder if maybe i havent been listening as well as i should to whatever it is that i should be listening to. Because lets face it, things are a bit worse than normal for me right now, and im not doing too well at fixing it. I also think i might have made a large error in judgement today, and I may be aying for it sooner than i thought.

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