Long Time No Post

So I havent blogged properly in over a week. Last weeks drama was enough of an excuse i know, but still there have been plenty of times i coulda woulda shoulda been here. Few times i was here but quit part way through. Thats the way its been for me lately. So Saturday was the family Xmas thing. Wasnt as bad as it usually is, and i was made gesin leier, so that was good. It stirred a few people up, but has settled already, so i guess matah made the right choice. Of course she did, the gesin leier is always right! (thinks about that comment for a minute….lol)

Sunday. Too Long ago to remember now. If I do I’ll come back.

Monday was a day off. Went back out monavale AGAIN with the boys, went shopping, got prezzies for Bugalugs that the boys all wanted to play with. Got Left behind while FGR went to do his “thing” and fix MrB’s car. The fools rang me to come get em coz they lost the keys, when they were in his pocket the whole time. TOOLS. lol. Went & had coffee with DH. Gave him his tunes. Then told him I couldnt find my car. Add him to the list of tools. lol. Went looking for Bugalugs’ Dinosaur – still couldnt find one. Bugger.

Tuesday i gave HLW the flick. Some things just arent worth it. It turned into quite the theme for the day with the whole Cronulla/Maroubra thing. I got slammed for not being one of the crazies. Heaven forbid i might have a balanced opinion. Aparently for some that just wont do at all. One person in particular was agro as, and is no longer a friend because of it. So no more posts re the SHARK. (as my girls know, im hardly devestated to lose him!) My mambo came and did her thing. J was my black. I think he really enjoyed it. Cant be too young to start learning your heritage can you? He didnt understand it – just thought it was a bit of a party. It got really hard to stop him from ruining the veve though!

Wednesday my back was BAD. Must have been from Tues evening. Had to have G4D come round twice – morning and evening. Its still didnt do enough. Needed a couple of drinks as well. I know i shouldnt, and that Ive gotten in trouble of enough of the boys for it, but what else can i do? Plenty of people have complained about having strange conversations with me, the boys at JFT thought it was hilarious me trying to work like that, and DH made a comment to me today about it that really pissed me off. Maybe thats coz it hurt, but thats not the only reason. anyhoooooo

Thursday (today) I went shopping and got most of the Santa shit outta the way. Have been extreemly tired due to the whole no sleep last night thing. Went to see Mr Magic who did his thing, also had to go have more horrid thingys done, end result being more time in that horrible place, and more of that freaky shit. yay. see how excited i get. This will be number 24. Almost up to my age……. (insert swearing, bitching, complaining and whinging here – i cant be arsed).

So thats me. Well, the short version. Have too many thoughts in my head that i kinda wanna keep to myself a bit longer. Still torn……….

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