I hate her, but shes like family


farkn hell

shes been a handful since the moment we met. talk about high maintenance – she’s the queen. she has her battle scars, oh yes, but theyre well hidden. she wears them well.

Thing is, I spent all afternoon struggling to undo those last couple bolts, and could not for the life of me get that last one out. So i struggled through and got the trim off, and last time roger fixed it it turns out he fixed it GOOOOOD. Bugger has reinforced it from when that FOOL put his knee in it (men humpf) So now i cant just pop it back out. It needs WORK. farkn markn barkn humpf. Spent about an hour cleaning that idiots paint off my car – at least now its not SOOOOO obvious, however, now all i see is the dents and scratches. Kenny drove past me sarvo and had to do a lap and catch up to bitch! Like i meant to fuck up his spray! Was pretty much all i could do with it. Today at least.

So pulled apart basically half the car, thinking i should get around to all the things i hadnt bothered with and put off a million times before. So now I only have half a car, and am half drunk. So it will be rather interesting if i go out and keep working like i been thinking of…….

many funny stories today but too pissed to be arsed telln em right now. think i may go crack open another………..

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