things that have amazed me today

1. just how stupid men can be
2. how people only hear what they want to hear
3. how when men listen, all they seem to hear are words
4. just how lomg DOES it take to remember someones name you spoke to 2 hours previously?
5. how pissed off forgetful people can get when you dont find their forgetfullness amusing, but rather disrespectful and unacceptable
6. no matter how often you say something, people wont realise you meant it
7. once you train someone to behave a certain way, its very hard to untrain them
8. no matter how loud you scream, if no one wants to hear it, they wont
9. when people know you well enough, they think they know what your saying and stop listening
10. no matter how well you know someone, they can change their mind, and may just be saying something you need to hear.

So Listen

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