ads on tv

ever notice how sometimes ads on tv are like you, or someone you know, or an event in your life?

ever notice how as soon as you realise this they are being played every 2 seconds?

and of course you’ve noticed that those jingles get stuck in your head so that even when the tv is off, your still thinking of them

well, thats me at the moment

that HCF or whatever ad

“accentuate the positive……..” yeah – fuck off.

its that bit with that girl who has the shits and the guy goes “ill marry her one day”


didnt you hear her? she said thats it. she said shes had enough. dont just sit there and laugh thinking she’ll get over it. dont sit there thinking she’s there to stay. you cant just sit on ur arse and expect her to do it all. because if she has any brains, she wont.

All i can say is yes, Im a bitch. but this bitch has brains.

Id use my good old saying of ‘thanks, that was fun, now get out” but i think i missed the fun part, so i wont. just get out. because as that woman says, thats it. Ive had enough.

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2 Comments on “ads on tv”

  1. Aurelius Says:

    oooohhhh… haven’t we got the grumpy pants on today?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    was that me that did that?

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