one of those days

no post yesterday
too busy
and tired

morning – hung over. shopping. no nice shoes.
afternoon – the monavale saga
night – J being pesty. met new person. was different, and interesting. not ofeten i get to say that. we all remember the last time. this time it involved a dvd and bottles of wine.

Its probably a continuation of yesterday, but today is, as the title suggests, one of those days. Im really running on empty. Looked everywhere for a refill, but havent found one. I even naievly hoped Id get one from DH. Silly me huh. It shits me really. Because it takes so little to fill me up. And i dont need it very often. Dont want to have to resort to the usual when I cant get what I need from someone else. Its tiring. And expensive. But oh well. You need what you need, right? and if no one else will fix your problems, sooner or later you have to fix your own. Its just so much easier and quicker to get it from a friend. Bugger. Hopefully MIN will call asking for coffee before i get to that point. Havent seen much of her lately. That would fix me easy!

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