Feeling Better

So a few drinks last night and its all back to normal! YAY!

So DH does use his ears occasionally. No call at fucking midnight last night, so he did pay attention when I said i couldnt keep up with the amount of time he was asking for. Which is good. Was smart arse to him this morning, which was fun. Always good to get a reaction.

Long day at HLW. And the guys were good. That particular one was a bit annoying but anyhoo… thats was comes of being his age i guess.

How good is the idea of a new Emily? CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!

And as for this new BOS (not the same one, another new one) OMG does he have to go or what?
Lets see how this goes…. so after the whole chatting, meeting etc, Ill take it from the end of the 1st meeting. Lets see…… meeting ends at 4.30ish
4.46 – sms to say thx for the meeting
6.11 – msn to say hi – small chat then i go coz im busy
6.22 – msn – i go coz im busy
6.44 – phone call
6.53 – msn to say thx for the fone conv
9.18 – msn – i ignore it
9.26 msn – i ignore it
9.26 txt to see if im awake – i ignore it
10.17 msn – ignored it
11.14 msn – i ignored it
then today
10.36 sms to say good morning and what am i doing – i ignore it
1.18 phone call – i ignore it – no message on voice mail
1.19 phone call – coz he forgot to leave voice mail for me to call
7.11 msn – AND I FUCKED HIM OFF!
this doesnt even include chat room messages, or the emails (3) i was forwarded through the day in case i was able to read them.
All this from someone who Ive met once for coffee, and havent even fucked yet! My GOD!!!


and people wonder why I call them, leave a message, and thats it. THIS is why i dont call back again people. I know how annoying it is. Unless its really quite important, or i know you havent heard the first call (hint hint MIN, fix ur fone – sticky tape is not a permanent solution) Im not calling you again.

Someone shoot me if i get that annoying please?

Im off to drink more bourbon.

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