Tired but trying to commit

Ok so im on the 5th Beam&Cola bottle……

Over this damn topic, but as too many people keep asking for me to finish it, and I do like to do things properly, here I am.

Hmmm, that was big storm. back now. where was i???????

Oh thats right. So basically we both said a bit. Im sure we both left out plenty too. Basically ended with me winning (sortof. but not really. mostly because im not playing anymore. wasnt really to start with but ANYWAY) Left with me saying that he knew where i was at (or at least had SOME idea) and that i was leaving it with him. Blah Blah Blah from both of us, then he reckons he’s going to put alot more effort into visiting. So at least he’s making an effort to be the kind of friend/whatever that i need him to be to keep bothering with him. But then too, Im not holding my breath. I’ll wait n see what ACTUALLY happens, not just what is said. But there was an interesting minute as he left.

But I had shit to do, and I held him up in the first place with the whole i quit thing. and contrary to popular opinion Im not a bitch. So i sent him off to work. Oh wait – maybe I am a bitch when you look at it like that. LOL

Im half pissed and going now.

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