so much for no sagas

just a quick one while not too busy

So taking bugalugs to school late today, and had some complete fucking wanker hit my car & drive off. As you do. And i didnt get the full plate, couldnt follow him, and its a white van so GOOD LUCK HONEY!!!!! No signage so thats no help either.

Well, DH was on his way up here this morning (running late, grrrr. should know my position on lateness by now i think) for me to take HIS car to get quotes from my contacts so… i guess there will be 2 cars going. Not that big a deal i guess. Just a pain in the fucking arse.

Ah well. Just add it to the list of shitty things that have happened to my crappy car. I so need to get a new good one. Sick of this damn runaround.

Ahh DH must know me well as he rang to apologise for his tardyness, and is on his way. Lucky. hehehe

SHARK is now back to normal and over playing games that he cant possibly win so theres a plus for the day i guess!
Oh look – theres me being up myself again, I must be feeling better! Well heres hoping that lasts, and i guess we’ll find out when i post tonight????

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