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Honeys Perfect World When It Comes To Men
(now doesnt that sound good??? LOL)

1. Need to be attracted on ALL bases.
Physical, Mental, Emotional, Personality. Am really getting over the whole ‘gorgeous but stupid’ type……well……thats not to say I wont go there anymore, but i am making a concious effort at least!
2. Need to be strong enough to lean on.
Tired of being everyone elses rock. Need to find one for me to lean on. Not that I do very often, but it would be nice to know it was there. This point works in reverse too. I know that its not really a problem for me, but I DO like it when they lean on me too. You all know how I am. So of course thats what Id want from a man!
3. Strong enough to handle me.
Shut up you lot. LOL I know (a)Im a handful. I know (b)Im extremely confident. I know (c)Im controlling. I know that (d)on the odd ocassion that i ask for it, that I dont ask but DEMAND. I know (e)im impatient. And i know(f) i dont compromise on the core issues of me (yes i used the word issues – shut up).
But I also know that (a) Im fucking fun as. (b) confidence is a good thing. (c) I would share that quite happily if the man was capable of doing a decent job himself (d) i ask very rarely for anything, so thats fair (e)i dont make others wait (f)i wouldnt expect anyone else to either.
So by this point I mean that i want someone who can handle that. who is strong themselves. and can challenge me a bit, instead of caving in, or going overboard and trying to completely dominate. I guess I just mean a man who is big enough to be a man, and even more, to let me be one sometimes! LOL
4. Need to be secure.
Not financially! (well actually, sort of. Not well off, just not living in a cardboard box kinda thing) But what i really meant, was within themselves. Who can share a part of me, but leave some alone too. I love spending time together, but I also want my own time. My own stuff. Where I can be me, and in control, 100%. And who can do that himself too, not just sit around waiting for me to come back. Yuck. lol
5. Need to be committed.
Dont get me wrong, this one takes time. And by that i just mean trusted. That what i want, need and expect, will be what he gives me. And what he needs, is given by me. If its just a fling, then dont ask me to come meet your parents. If theres an emotional attachment, dont go chasing skirt. Just use your brain, guys! And let me know what you expect. Because I’ll certainly do that for you! And really, its nice to know where you stand isnt it?

And on to the next section……..

6. Size Matters

No Im not being rude. (not at the moment) I mean ego. You need enough to not need me to constantly give you props. Its just not going to happen. Oh I give compliments! Im just not about to validate you constantly so that you can function. We all like compliments, Im just not interested in those who NEED them. And for gods sake guys, ego=confidence. And what is sexier than confidence? But at the same time, there can be too much. I am of course a woman so I cant ask for you to give me something without asking you not to at the same time. Keep up will you!!!

7. Play Nicely With Others

Now if this needs explaining, you have problems.

8. Be Interesting

Nothing worse than someone who has nothing to say. Except someone who talks alot and has nothing to say. Please – I know you have opinions. I know you have a life outside of me (because this is my perfect world and you read point 4) I know you have different experiences. So tell me! I dont want you to always agree. Occasionally its nice, but not all the time. As long as there arent too many differences, or too big a difference (some ideals just dont co-exist). I want to know what you think (you did read point 1 after all). I want to know what youve been up to. Im not checking up on you. Im showing an interest in you. HOWEVER…..dont tell me all of it. Not straight away, at least. A bit of mystery is a good thing. Keep me coming back for more. Dont let me figure you out in 2 minutes flat. Just dont hold back so much that i dont figure you out at all. Thats a quick way to have me lose interest.

9. Listen

Just cant stress this one enough. I say stuff. Alot of stuff. I just dont use words to do it. Or at least, I dont always say what Im saying. But that stuff is more important. Ill say it eventually if i have to, but its my perfect world, so you wont need me to get to that point.

10. Make me Laugh

Really. If you can get this one right, and i mean REALLY right, I’ll pretty much let you get away with almost anything. WHOA – HOLD UP MISTER! I said almost. The small stuff, not the biggies. I dont let anyone get away with the big stuff. But that comes under Honeys Suggestions For Not Pissing Her Off.

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