Warned you i may be back

So i guess that 7.45 isnt too late to be called. DH was working today so may even excuse him……maybe….lol. At least he was his normal self again so…. But am still pissed a bit. Just like with the boys, but to be honest, cant be bothered with it right now. Too hard, and too much effort, really, and not sure he’s worth it so not going to bother today. Worry about it tomorrow. Or Wednesday. Or whenever lol. Nah, will have to worry about it somewhat tomorrow as he is on his way up here. Of course it is because he wants something, not because of the saturday night thing that remains unresolved and irritating. Such is life. To be honest, I’m not sure I really give a fuck, because he dogged me so badly on Saturday that he has lost quite a few points with me, and Im doubting his worth. Hmmmm, I sound so up-myself!!! Oh well. Whatever. Just in that kinda mood I guess. Is sposed to be calling again later. Im not waiting up. If he hasnt called when i get tired, I’ll be turning fone to silent. He thinks its cute to wish me sweet dreams each night. Im not finding the sleep deprivation, or the fact I get left to the last minute very cute!!!!!! LOL Thats mean. Oh well. hehehehe

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