no sagas today……..yet

So its 6.45 and no major dramas today. Starting to wonder whats wrong……lol. So i guess updates on yesterday would be helpful.

1 & 2. The boys havn’t been too bad. I sent apology sms’ and even though it wasnt exactly a real apology, at least they think everything is vack to normal and have stopped harassing me. Which will give it time for me to get over it. Which i pretty much am, at least on the surface. I appear all calm, but underneath its still there a bit. But oh well. Its too tiring to keep feeling like that so…. it will sort itself out in time. Just no point trying to push it.

3. OH BOY. Where to start. So i finally was called at 11.30 (better than 12.30 but still) Apparently DH was letting me cool off, so he musn’t know me very well after all. Cooling off is not something I do by being ignored. Especially when i get left hanging on a subject, and especially when I’m upset as well as pissed off. Have yet to decide if i will forgive that as something he didnt know, or not. However, not answering my msg today isnt doing him any favours. If I’m not important enough to call before midnight call tonight, then stuff him. Especially since my message was info HE requested for HIS benefit. Grrrr. If I’m unimportant, then he will be too. Fairs fair right?

On the plus side, have a new BOS whos PTG quite hard. Would be quite happy about that but I’m getting a little concerned he may turn into another Tamogotchi. WAY too many AAC for this stage. But will wait and see. Mr FC is going a bit strange at the minute, so at least thats filled that hole! As for the SHARK, that seems to be an ego thing for him, and seeing as he’s not exactly a great white, I’m not going to play that game! hehehehe

Anyway, enough for now. may post again later once my head is in a better place – just still busy from HLW today and all that entails. And have friends blogs to catch up on too!

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